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Express Search

When It Fits

An Express Search is perfect for when you are:

  • Looking for coaches or facilitators
  • Already considering one or two providers but wanting to know if there are any other good choices in the market
  • Looking to fill training requirements for one employee or a small group
  • Looking for public seminars or off-the-shelf e-learning

What We Deliver

  • A personal consultation with a Connection Advisor to clarify your requirements and selection criteria
  • A search of our training vendor network
  • A report presenting 1 - 3 appropriate vendors, delivered within 3 - 6 days of your request
  • Profiles on each vendor
  • Assistance in setting up meetings with the vendor(s) of your choice
  • Help with the process of negotiating a contract with your vendor of choice
  • Follow-up during the training delivery to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


Up to $350


Getting started

To initiate an Express Search, you can: